Youth Development

Would you like to help a young person succeed in life? Today’s youth is tomorrow’s future. The challenges facing youth today are greater than for any previous generation: alcohol, drugs, deceit, peer pressure, sex, pregnancy, suicide, youth violence and a host of other stumbling blocks. These challenges are distractions designed to keep today’s youth from succeeding. Growing up in a low-income single parent home, Otis faced many of the same challenges as today’s youth. However, the thing that made the difference was the example his mother set and his burning desire to have more than what the “projects” had to offer. Based on lessons learned and time-tested proven principles and strategies, Otis developed his signature, life-transforming program for youth: VICTORY 4 Youth! Succeeding Against the Odds. The program provides young people with the principles, strategies, and techniques they need to overcome obstacles, reach their goals, and live their dreams. This life-transforming program helps young people:

V - Learn how to create a Vision for their future

I - Understand the importance of living a life of Integrity

C - Develop the Courage to stand up for what they know is right

T - Start Thinking for themselves

O - Create their own Opportunities

R - Stop making excuses and start accepting Responsibility

Y - Say to themselves “Yes, I Can—live my dream!